Test arena Kongsberg – We are working together to perform the Sohjoa Baltic Project

Today’s transport system and road infrastructure will be digitized within a few years. As users of vehicles, roads and lanes, we will experience a range of services that we currently do not think about. The vehicles will be optimized so that they are automatically available for transportation needs and at all times run with maximum utilization. The number of killed in traffic will be close to zero and the emissions will be under control.

The vehicles on the roads will share on a variety of information, as we know ships and aircraft, and they will share important data for the users and road infrastructure. Road and road maintenance will be based on advanced solutions for sharing data from vehicles and advanced sensors.

Test arena Kongsberg is established as a national test arena for innovation, business development and urban development where knowledge and solutions are developed in close collaboration between government, research and business.

Applied Autonomy has signed a contract with Kongsberg Municipality to develop Testarena Kongsberg as a collaborative arena and sandbox for partner-based innovation, and to establish a control center and operator responsibility for testing autonomous vehicles and transportation in the city.

The State Road Administration will have one of its ITS projects in Test arena Kongsberg for national learning and development of methods for digitized road and sustainable urban development.

We are working together to perform the Sohjoa Baltic Project 

Telenor has signed a letter of intent with Kongsberg Municipality, Kongsberg Innovation and Applied Autonomy to build the country’s first 5G network at Kongsberg. The network will be used in the partnership to realize new advanced services in a network with large leased lines, online services and traffic prioritization.

The University of South East Norway will build research and education in autonomy and cybersecurity.

Kongsberg Municipality, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Buskerud County Council, Innovation Norway and the Research Council work all in the Testarena Kongsberg and help build knowledge and solutions that are transferable to other cities and counties.

Applied Autonomy works in close collaboration with Kongsberg Industry and bases its platforms on technology and industry-leading leading solutions.

Knowledge and technology built in Test arena Kongsberg is being built for national transferability and for export internationally.

We look forward to making available knowledge and sharing on innovation.

New law – Trials of Autonomous Driving from Control Centre

We are proud to have the new Norwegian Law that makes it possible to start trials of Shared autonomous mobility and piloting of the future of transportation signed by the Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and the Leader of the Transport Committee Helge Orten.

From Left to Right: Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Chief Executive officer (CEO) Applied Autonomy Olav Madland.