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Applied Autonomy in Top 25 Cleantech Scandinavia report


Applied Autonomy is proud to have been selected as one of Scandinavia's top 25 most innovative cleantech companies in Cleantech Scandinavia's latest Top 25 report.

The report identifies the best and most innovative cleantech companies from the Nordics and Baltics, with the 2019/2020 edition having seen 140 applicants from 9 countries. A jury of 51 professionals with backgrounds in the industry, venture capital, public funding and regional development assessed the applicants to find the 25 most innovative and promising cleantech companies.

Applied Autonomy was highlighted in the category "Transport and Logistics" for their mobility and fleet management solutions.

Press release: Kick-off meeting of AWARD project


The communications department of the AWARD project has issued a press release following the project's kick-off meeting which took place on the 19th-21st of January.

The aim of AWARD is to develop and showcase new technology to allow efficient operations of autonomous vehicles on industrial sites, such as factories, ports and airports. Applied Autonomy is leading the work package for the planning and building of a Fleet Management System, which will sit at the heart of the operations. Together with our collaborators, we will build a system which will make operations both safer and more productive. We look forward to leading the design and implementation of the Fleet Management System for the next three years!

Brakar publish new website about self-driving bus route 450 in Kongsberg


Brakar, the public transport operator running Kongsberg's bus services, have published a new website about their project with a self-driving shuttle, which is supported by Applied Autonomy.

The shuttle is fully integrated into the public transport system, making route 450 the most advanced bus route in the world. As of September 2020, the route uses the latest generation EZ10 Gen3 bus, and has most recently meed updated with protective measures allowing it to operate under the current Covid-19 rules for public transport.

The bus runs Monday-Friday from 11am-5pm, as well as on Saturdays from 10am-2pm, connecting Kongsberg's transport hub on the east side of town with shopping facilities and the technology park on the west side. Tickets are bought in the same way as for all other buses, with children and senior citizens travelling for free.

New employee at Applied Autonomy: Marius Halle


We are happy to announce that Marius Halle joined Applied Autonomy on 01/01/2021 as the new Chief Growth Officer (CGO).

Marius was previously employed at Telenor as a Channel Lead and led efforts to optimise the way Telenor B2B works with sales and marketing by using data, analyses and probability models. He has 20 years of experience, mainly from the telecom and media branches. At Telia (previously NetCom), Marius grew the content market from 0 to 400 million NOK of annual turnover.

"Marius' extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development are invaluable for us, and he will take a central role for achieving the growth we are aiming for", says founder and CEO Olav Madland.

We are thrilled to have Marius be part of our team!

Press release: European Project to Autonomise Heavy-Duty Vehicles Set to Kick-Off in 2021


The European Commission has awarded a funding grant of nearly €20 million for a 29-partner strong consortium to develop and demonstrate driverless heavy-duty vehicles in harsh weather conditions for real-logistics operations.

Applied Autonomy has been awarded 1M€ to lead the work package on fleet management in the large-scale “All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations” (AWARD) project.

“Having an efficient and complete fleet management system at the heart of the interactions between different components will be crucial for safer, more flexible and more efficient autonomous heavy-duty freight operations. We’re looking forward to solving the challenges of autonomous operations in harsh weather and in real-world industrial contexts, and demonstrating our Fleet Management Platform in them”, said Olav Madland, CEO of AppliedAutonomy.

Read the full press release.

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