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Nordisk Mobilitetskonkurranse 2023


Kom i gang med selvkjørende transport.

Vinnerbidraget til oppnå økonomisk støtte på kr. 840.000 ved 6 måneders utprøving av selvkjørende buss!

Send inn forslag til hvordan dere kan bidra til fremtidens bærekraftige mobilitetsløsninger med mindre arealbruk og ressursbruk. Det beste forslaget får gjennomføre utprøving med autonomt kjøretøy med betydelig besparelse.

Se pdf til høyre/under for full informasjon.

Søknaden må sendes innen 15.12.2022, klokken 16:00. Tilbakemelding om at man ønsker å sende inn bidrag må meldes innen 10.11. 2022 til

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The first autonomous large bus in the world in open traffic.pdf

The first autonomous large bus in the world in open traffic


See the file on the left/above for the press release on the world's first autonomous large bus in open traffic!

The service is now operational in Stavanger, Rogaland county, Norway, and will run for 2 years. Applied Autonomy supplies the control center solution xFlow® , which is used for monitoring the service, permitting remote assistance, reporting and analytics to improve the operational efficiency of the service.

Together with our partners Adastec, Karsan, and Vy, we're proud to deliver this world first for PTA Kolumbus and are looking forward to further projects inspired by it!

Applied Autonomy part of DVS-TRIP project


The project “Driverless pilot vehicle system for transport routing in industrial parks” (DVS-TRIP) receives Norway grants funding in the amount of 129 999.98 EUR. The aim of this project is to create a new technology - an unmanned “follow me” car system - to route incoming transport into industrial parks. Applied Autonomy will deliver the control system for the operations through the xFlow platform.

Supported by Norway through the Norway Grants: Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

Project name: Driverless pilot vehicle system for transport routing in industrial parks.
Contract Number: NP-2022/10
Programme: Norwegian Financial Mechanism’s 2014-2021 Programme “Business Development, Innovation and SME’s”
Open call for proposals: Small grant scheme “Development of green industry innovation and ICT products”
Co-financing beneficiary: getUgo LLC
Project partners: Applied Autonomy AS, Herøya Industripark AS
Grant funding: 129 999.98 EUR
Project purpose: To create a prototype for a new technology - an unmanned “follow me” car system - to route incoming transport into industrial parks.
Place of project implementation: Nometnu street 18 k1-6, Riga
Project implementation period: 12 months (March 2022 – February 2023)
Contacts: Janis Upmanis, phone: +371 29117900,
Futher information about the programme:

LivingLAPT project


Applied Autonomy are proud to announce that we are part of the LivingLAPT project! The project focuses on delivering sustainable autonomous shuttle/logistics services across European cites, more information can be found on the project website and twitter account at and

The project will see pilots in four different cities, amongst them Kongsberg, where both passenger and goods transport will be piloted.

The project is funded by EIT UM, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which is itself a body of the EU.

Winter testing in Drammen


An international partnership between EasyMile and Applied Autonomy has enabled operations with enhanced all weather features for autonomous driving in port and river city Drammen, near Oslo.

In collaboration with transport operator and provider Vy and Brakar, new software is being deployed on an autonomous shuttle which has been running as Route 1 (“Linje 1”) since August 2021 in Drammen, Norway. This latest software focuses on providing a reliable, and even more autonomous service for transport operators and passengers alike with features particularly relevant to Nordic conditions including enhanced ground perception and enhanced rain and snow filtering.

Read the full press release here.

Drammen winter test - press release.pdf
Kongsberg Pilot report v2.pdf

Sohjoa Last Mile - Kongsberg report


Ahead of the official publications that will become available on the project website soon, here is a preview of the Kongsberg pilot report.

We've learned a lot over the course of this project - and we're looking forward to building on the results to take autonomous transport another step further! Keep an eye out for the reports from Gdansk and Tallinn as well, not to forget the comparative report for all three pilots in the project...

Smart City Expo Barcelona


Applied Autonomy had the privilege of attending this year's Smart City Expo in Barcelona from 15th to 18th of November.

There were many exciting companies presenting their products and visions, and we were recognised as a strong, trendsetting and leading contributor to the future of autonomous travel.

We are proud to be part of such an exciting and important part of the future of transport, and see endless possibilities for collaboration, innovation and partnerships.

Sohjoa Last Mile: Successfully Completed!


The Kongsberg pilot of the Sohjoa Last Mile project ( has now been completed.

We have successfully operated our bus in Kongsberg Technology Park completely autonomous, that is without an operator onboard.

As the other pilots in the project are also drawing to a close, the final reports are now written and will be published early next year.

Testing the Enway Blitz 1 Autonomous Street Sweeping Machine


As part of the Norwegian Road Authorities' ITS pilot 6, Applied Autonomy is testing an Enway Blitz 1 autonomous sweeper. The tests are done both indoors and outdoors, with different conditions. We've been involved in the process all the way from procurement and learned a lot about programming and integrating this machine into out xFlow platform. Check out the autonomous emptying function in the video!

Sohjoa Last Mile: Update


The Kongsberg pilot of the Sohjoa Last Mile project is now in its final phase, with the bus running without an operator on board. Instead, the bus is remotely monitored by a supervisor, and assisted by a field operator when needed.

The bus run as an on-demand service: Passengers order journeys via a website, which allows them to freely choose the timing, as well as the start and stop bus stops.

Applied Autonomy is responsible for the entire set-up process as well as the on-demand solution, and we're so proud to have made this happen!

See the full press release here in English and in Norwegian.

New pilot project in Førde


Today marks the first day of a new pilot project with an autonomous shuttle in Førde, Norway. The project uses an EasyMile EZ10 Gen 3 minibuss and was arranged and set up by Applied Autonomy for public transport operator Skyss and Førde municipality.

The autonomous bus route runs between the campus and the centre of town, providing transport for students until the end of the year. The maximum speed of the bus is 20km/h.

Giving Cities and Citizens Tools to Choose Green Transportation


Nordic Innovation has published an update for the “Sustainable Insights: Measure, Inform, Mobilise” (MIM) project.

The project, which is led by Applied Autonomy and further involves Kobla, Moprim and the city of Östersund, has just entered a new stage of developing and piloting a solution that empowers both citizens and cities in the domain of green mobility.

Read the full article to learn about the projects, its ambitions and its actors.

Press Release: ORCHESTRA


The ORCHESTRA project has just kicked off! The project looks at the orchestration of traffic management across all transport modes and in the presence of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs).

Applied Autonomy will be in charge of the living lab pilots in Norway and in Italy, and also be heavily involved in the development of the technical tools needed in the project.

ORCHESTRA is a three-year RIA – research and innovation action project – with 16 partners from 6 countries, funded by the Horizon Europe 2020 program with €5 million.

Read the full press release.

Webinar: What's next for autonomous buses?


Applied Autonomy hosted an international webinar on the topic "What's next for autonomous buses? ". The event was organised in cooperation with Brakar and Vy.

Having successfully launched a pilot involving the operation of an autonomous route bus in a public environment without an operator on board this May (see press release from 21/05/2021 below), we used the occasion to provide an informative webinar on the latest developments in autonomous vehicles. It was an honour to have a number of high-profile speakers covering many different parts of the autonomous ecosystem:

Gilbert Gagnaire, Founder and CEO of technology provider EasyMile - Presented experience and outlook for technology developments in the coming years,

Terje Sundfjord, CEO of Public Transport Authority Brakar - Provided an overview of experiences in integrating autonomous vehicles into public transport,

Ahmed Hashish, Director Smart mobility at The Future Mobility Network - Shared knowledge on the deployment of autonomous transport in mixed traffic,

Ketil Marcussen, Partner/ Head of Infrastructure Sector, KPMG - Gave insights into the Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index.

Olav Skinnes (Sp), County Councillor for Transport, Viken County - Outlined the growth of Viken county in transport and

Olav Madland, CEO of Applied Autonomy - Talked about achieving sustainable autonomous transport and scaling solutions.

It was great to see so many people attending the event and a special thanks goes out to all the participants who asked very interesting questions in the live chat!

Click here to watch some highlights of the webinar.

Press Release: The world's first fully autonomous bus ride


For the first time in the world, a bus is driving in fully autonomous mode on a public bus route in Kongsberg, Norway – A huge milestone, says Terje Sundfjord, CEO of Brakar.

The autonomous bus in Kongsberg was the first autonomous bus in the world to be fully integrated into the public transportation network, as a regular city bus route. Until now, the bus has been driven with an operator on board. With this next phase of the project, it is now also the first autonomous bus in the world to be driving in open traffic, with passengers, but without an operator on board for part of the route. The project in Kongsberg is a collaboration between Applied Autonomy, Brakar (Public Transport Authority), Vy Bus, Kongsberg municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The goal of this project is to discover how autonomous buses can support existing services of public transportation. For Brakar, the responsible public transport authority, it has been important to include the passengers in this project.

Read the full press release.

Applied Autonomy in Top 25 Cleantech Scandinavia report


Applied Autonomy is proud to have been selected as one of Scandinavia's top 25 most innovative cleantech companies in Cleantech Scandinavia's latest Top 25 report.

The report identifies the best and most innovative cleantech companies from the Nordics and Baltics, with the 2019/2020 edition having seen 140 applicants from 9 countries. A jury of 51 professionals with backgrounds in the industry, venture capital, public funding and regional development assessed the applicants to find the 25 most innovative and promising cleantech companies.

Applied Autonomy was highlighted in the category "Transport and Logistics" for their mobility and fleet management solutions.

Press release: Kick-off meeting of AWARD project


The communications department of the AWARD project has issued a press release following the project's kick-off meeting which took place on the 19th-21st of January.

The aim of AWARD is to develop and showcase new technology to allow efficient operations of autonomous vehicles on industrial sites, such as factories, ports and airports. Applied Autonomy is leading the work package for the planning and building of a Fleet Management System, which will sit at the heart of the operations. Together with our collaborators, we will build a system which will make operations both safer and more productive. We look forward to leading the design and implementation of the Fleet Management System for the next three years!

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