Webinar: What next for autonomous buses?


This May, the development of autonomous buses takes another step forward as we launch a pilot where a bus drives in full autonomous mode on a public bus route in Kongsberg, Norway – meaning; without a safety driver on part of the route!

With this as a backdrop, we in Brakar, Vy and Applied Autonomy wish to invite you to an exciting webinar with the latest news on autonomous buses.

Key topics :

  • How will technology progress in the next few years, according to Easy Mile's founder?

  • What will happen next in the Netherlands, the country ranked as number 1 on KPMG Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index (Norway is ranked as number 3)?

  • How does the regional public transport authority Brakar expect to combine autonomous buses with regular buses as the technology matures?

Webinar: Best without a car - sustainable business development


The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent closure of society, infection control measures, and insecurity have affected the entire population. That is why we at Applied Autonomy would like to invite you to a webinar.

This is the first webinar under the auspices of Applied Autonomy. But not the last. We want to have regular relevant webinars with both internal and external speakers, to share expertise and gather knowledge on all things autonomy.

Key topics :

  • Testarena Norefjell- Best without a car

  • Smart distribution of local specialties

  • Mobility insight in practice

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