Smart Mobility Management System

Smart Mobility Management System (SMM):

The Smart Mobility Management System is a set of tools that provides insight into the daily mobility patterns in an area and is used to plan and optimise services for businesses and transportation services. Updated and continuous data collection through existing customer apps helps to verify that implemented changes have the intended effect on mobility and the businesses. Therefore, by this method, a good optimisation of services is achieved across all modes of mobility and across all actors in the transportation industry.

Mobility Meter:

Applied Autonomy's Smart Mobility Management system comprises a mobility meter sensor integrated into an ordinary app that detects, totally anonymously, when, where and how people travel. Data is shared anonymously with the Applied Autonomy platform where the mobility insight is analyzed

We Offer:

  • Connecting different data sources into one coherent system

  • Statistics and long-term analyses of various system data

  • Information and vehicle management via geofencing

  • Collecting and augmenting data for reporting and quick adapting

  • User tools for recording incidents and conditions

  • On-demand trip management for autonomous shuttles

  • Management of transport orders from different logistics systems

  • Optimal vehicle management and remote support

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