Applied Autonomy

Knowledge, Solutions, and Services

for Autonomous Transportation

Applied Autonomy delivers knowledge, solutions, and services for sustainable autonomous transportation. The company offers services for piloting and testing of autonomous vehicles, and develops the necessary control centre systems for implementation and operation of autonomous traffic. Applied Autonomy participates in several international research projects related to autonomy, and is used as an expert adviser both nationally and internationally. The company builds solutions in collaboration with internationally leading companies and Test Arena Kongsberg.


Through Applied Autonomy’s expertise and close cooperation with its partners, the Kongsberg industry and other relevant actors, the company contributes to extensive knowledge that will shape the future of autonomous transport.


Applied Autonomy develops necessary control centre systems that will ensure safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles in public traffic. This provides Applied Autonomy’s customers a unique position to be at the forefront within autonomous transportation.


Applied Autonomy delivers services for operation and implementation of pilots, tests and demonstrations of autonomous vehicles. This includes consulting, facilitation, certification, operation, and legal responsibility.

Autonomous bus in route through Kongsberg streets in mixed traffic
Autonomous buses in Kongsberg streets in mixed traffic. Seamless mobility with other public transport services.

Values, Goals and Purpose

Applied Autonomy AS comply with several of UN's Sustainable Development Goals. A global improvement in these areas, through sustainable and scalable autonomous transportation, is a part of our vision. Our goal is to contribute to smarter cities, freeing up areas for recreational use, increased mobility, and reducing risk and accidents in the traffic.

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the environment.

Shared mobility reduces air pollution from emissions, improves safety, reduces traffic, and frees parking spaces in favor of green areas. Autonomous vehicles give road users without driving license, such as children, elderly and people with disabilities, better possibilities for a social life.

As part of a well-functioning urban environment, transport systems must be able to move people both quickly and efficiently. Applied Autonomy has the expertise to help build a city’s autonomous fleet infrastructure

Urban expansion has brought energy consumption and ambient air pollution to unsustainable levels. Shared mobility enables cities to reduce consumption of energy through smart transportation

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