About Us

We are a small team with big ideas and a broad network of collaboration partners.

Who we are

Applied Autonomy was established by Kongsberg Innovation in 2017, and is now owned by the industrial companies in Kongsberg, founder Olav Madland, and Vy. The company works in an ecosystem with their partners in order to gather viewpoints, as well as provide a greater learning outcome.

What we do

Applied Autonomy delivers knowledge, solutions, and services for sustainable autonomous transportation. The company offers services for piloting and testing of autonomous vehicles, and develops the necessary control centre systems for implementation of autonomous traffic. The company has extensive experience in piloting and testing autonomous vehicles, which secures effective and safe operations during tests. Applied Autonomy works closely together with a broad network of industry partners. Applied Autonomy offers consulting, facilitation, certification, legal responsibility, and operation of autonomous transport solutions.

Winter testing on closed track in Kongsberg
Eager passengers waiting in line for a ride through Kongsberg City

How we do it

Together with world-leading companies and partners within autonomy, mobility, and sustainable development, Applied Autonomy assist their customers and partners to be at the forefront within autonomous transportation. Through knowledge sharing and testing, Applied Autonomy ensure that its customers and partners capture existing and future markets. We believe in enhanced results and creativity through sharing and cooperation with our partners. Working together towards common goals makes the process more enjoyable, and generates greater rewards.

The Team

Olav Madland


Gunn Drogset


Klaus Myrseth

Chief Architect

Jonny Haugen

Project Engineer

Rebecca Ronke

Chief Operating Officer

Øystein Hansen

SW Developer

Simen Høgseth

SW Developer

Marius Halle

Chief Growth Officer

Arvid Eriksen

Deployment Engineer

Christoffer Korvald

Senior SW engineer

Trude Stupkin

Project Manager


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