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xFlow® connects passengers, vehicles and their transport operator - more and safer transport with fewer resources


Operations centres experience large transformations going from staffing and supporting drivers to operating, monitoring and supporting autonomous vehicles.

Due to the wide variety of OEMs and service providers, vertical system integrations to achieve seamless autonomous operations and vehicle flows are costly and time-consuming.

xFlowⓇ is an integration platform

Applied Autonomy's fleet management software solution, xFlow, has a unique value proposition that enables operations of autonomous vehicles in all weather conditions, made scalable and at a low cost.

Connecting xFlow®

Thanks to its modular nature, xFlow is able to provide customers with exactly the level of support they need. 

Fleets consisting of different vehicles can be connected to the xFlow solution, which is agnostic with respect to both vehicle type and manufacturer, Operations can then be monitored and optimised in line with the processes in place, always with the highest levels of cybersecurity, xFlow uses existing vehicle APIs and negates the need for extra vehicle-mounted hardware. 

xFlow® is selected by leading solution providers

and is in use for several transport types and vehicles types:

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Our unique SaaS solution, xFlow®, empowers operators to integrate different end user applications and control vehicles of different types in complex environments, using real-time data from multiple sources.

 Use graphics and advanced analytics to understand better

xFlow's powerful visualisation tools enable an intuitive understanding of the data collected during operations.

Gain insights that allow you to understand where to prioritise infrastructure improvements to increase the smoothness of the operations, or where to prioritise snow ploughing in winter.

Training and courses

 Getting up to speed

Building on our own experiences, Applied Autonomy offers different types of tailor-made trainings and courses.

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Strategic and operational consultancy services

Build your roadmap for transport automation and implementation of autonomous vehicles 

Applied Autonomy deliver strategic and operational consultancy services with local partners. These services include:

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