Our accomplishments, be it completion of successful projects or demonstrations or other events, are often reported on in various media platforms.

First autonomous pilot in Latvia

Applied Autonomy has implemented Latvia's first autonomous shuttle pilots in Jelgava and Aizkraukle. The project has been commissioned by Zemgale planning region as part of the Sohjoa Baltic framework. Both pilots have received great media attention (see for example here) and are very popular with the local population.

Each pilot ran for two weeks. The Jelgava pilot took place on Pasta Island, a recreational area used for various public events, while the track in Aizkraukle connected the local museum with a nearby parking lot.

On their Facebook page, Zemgale planning region have published videos for both the Jelgava and the Aizkraukle pilots.

Norway ranked third in KPMG’s autonomous vehicle readiness index

Norway ranked third in KPMG’s autonomous vehicle readiness index, thanks to innovative companies such as Kongsberg-based AppliedAutonomy and the #SAMS cluster, a good infrastructure for charging of EVs as well as the public’s willingness to pilot such solutions - and strong political support.

Two of our projects are mentioned in the KPMG AVRI 2020, Kongsberg and Svalbard. We are very proud and will continue our good work on sustainable transport for the future.

The auditing and consulting company KPMG has for the third time produced the report "Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index", where they have looked at the prerequisites for self-driving vehicles in different countries. Here, Norway is ranked third - clearly at the forefront of the Nordic region, and in fact also ahead of the United States. Singapore and the Netherlands are the top countries.


Press release: First European on-demand self-driving bus to be piloted in Trondheim

Applied Autonomy are currently setting up operations for Europe's first on-demand bus service using a self-driving bus. The service will run in Trondheim starting August 17th and allows citizens to use an app to plan journeys between any of nearly 20 bus stops.

Press release: Applied Autonomy joins strong consortium in H2020 project call to meet worldwide need for autonomous heavy-duty vehicles with high availability

Applied Autonomy has joined a pan-European consortium to submit an application to the European Commission to win funding for a large-scale project aimed at bringing a disruptive change to the trucking industry, fleet operators and the whole logistics sector by contributing to the accelerated deployment of innovative connected and automated freight transport solutions in Europe and around the world. The All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) consortium consists of 29 partners and is headed by global autonomous vehicle developer EasyMile.

Top25 NCO 9th Edition- Press release (004)_ editert KI_EN.docx

Applied Autonomy was chosen by an international jury composed of 50 members to participate in a prestigious competition – Nordic Cleantech Open. Olav Madland, the company’s CEO, is thrilled to have been selected and is looking forward to being part of the program, which opens up new networks and facilitates meetings with international investors as well as future partners.

Applied Autonomy provides knowledge and solutions for autonomous transport and relies on its skilled employees, who work as a team to optimally deliver the projects.

  • We deliver sustainable solutions which will reduce the transport sector’s emissions, says Madland. We would not have received this distinction without our unique collaboration with customers and partners who share our ambitious goals.

  • Collaboration with funding agencies in Norway and participation in international projects from day one have been our key to success, he says.

Olav Madland, CEO Applied Autonomy AS, receives the Buskerud County Entrepreneur Award.

The award will stimulate innovation and contribute to increased recognition of innovative business activities, and is given on the basis of:

"This year's entrepreneur are ahead of international trends that are largely about urbanization and digitization. Through the collection and compilation of data from multiple sources, the company is able to develop forward-looking management systems. The company will be able to use future transport systems and infrastructure, which will be digitized in a few years. The company got paying pilot customers at an early stage. The jury shows that the company has done well with both timing and solution".


The Xynteo Exchange gathers leaders and practitioners across business to accelerate collaborative action to complex and systemic problems, and re-evaluate growth models that are no longer suited for the future.

Applied Autonomy is a finalist for the Impact Maker Award 2019, tackling the Impact Challenge “Sustainable Transport: How might we shift to sustainable transport systems?”.

The Xynteo Exchange takes place in Oslo, 9-10. October.


Applied Autonomy has been awarded funding from Miljøteknologiordningen at Innovation Norway to develop a tool to help people choose sustainable transportation methods. The Norwegian government has a goal that all increases in city traffic shall be through people walking, biking or using public transportation. Today, static toll roads are the main tool for changing the transport behaviour. This new project aims at developing a more flexible system which considers more factors and therefore might feel more fair for everybody.


Workshop in partnership with Kongsberg Kommune, Statens Vegvesen, Forskningsprosjektet Bevegelse, Kongsberg Technology Park and Spring looking into use cases and how to deploy autonomous maintenance machines. The goal is to improve areas for walking and bicycling, and to make cities safe and clean.

The experience from the demonstrator were very good, both in regards to the Spring1 machine and the control centre of Applied Autonomy including real-time video with Telenor 5G.


Applied Autonomy is mentioned in the 2019 KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Report as a contribution for Norway's position as number two in Innovation and Technology. Applied Autonomy provides operation, fleet management and regulation of self-driving vehicles. The recognition from KPMG is a confirmation that we as a company provide solutions that are useful for the autonomous vehicle market.


Shared autonomous vehicles are a game changer for urban mobility. Applied Autonomy helps cities and transport companies to bring autonomous vehicles into their transport systems.

The Explorer is a showroom for Norwegian green and sustainable solutions.

March 2019

Demonstration in the most demanding environment yet, between mainland Norway and the North Pole. It is one of the world's northernmost inhabited areas, and it is known for its rugged and remote terrain of glaciers and tundras. The demonstration was a collaboration among Longyearbyen, Applied Autonomy, Arctic Memory, and Svalbard Bus and Taxi.

February 2019

TAK City&Lab is not a project, but a way of cooperating and sharing – a collaboration concept with a shared portfolio of projects with a common goal; contributing to sustainable urban development through sustainable mobility.

Read about the activities we conduct in Test Arena Kongsberg.

January 2019

Applied Autonomy has been awarded a Pilot-T project from The Research Council of Norway together with our partners; University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Herøya Industrial Park, Kongsberg Technology Park, Nettbuss, Brakar, Telenor, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Buskerud County, Kongsberg Municipality.

The project "Autonomous Mobility Enabler (AME)" shall develop and test research-based solutions for:

· New business models for the transition to autonomous transport with focus on commercial transport companies and public transport actors.

· New control centre services for connected vehicles which can replace the driver in the vehicle in addition to increase safety and navigability for the transport.

· Structure and organization of complex teat arenas with new technology and new processes that brings the solutions faster to the market.

November 2017

We are proud to have the new Norwegian Law that makes it possible to start trials of Shared autonomous mobility and piloting of the future of transportation signed by the Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and the Leader of the Transport Committee Helge Orten.

From Left to Right: Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Applied Autonomy Olav Madland.